NaturEffect is a nature tourism company established in 2018 in the Kimito Islands (Kemiönsaari in Finnish, Kimitoön in Swedish) in the Archipelago Sea National Park in Finland. We provide environmental friendly nature tourism services and products.

We have been working in this area for years as a nature cooperative and now we are professionalizing and expanding our operations. Our goal is to be Finland's most quality and most environmental responsible nature tourism company in the fastest growing nature tourism destination, the Archipelago Sea. Experiential, meaningfulness and environmental responsibility are the values ​​of our company and the foundations of our operations.

In 2019, we will expand our operations to the Kvarken Archipelago to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Our goal in Finland is to become a leader in responsible ecotourism, which is the fastest-growing field of tourism in the world.

Our main product is the Skytent Ecocamp which is the Tentsile Experience Ecocamp in the Archipelago Sea. We also arrange hiking and cycling tours, hire outdoor equipments and offer nature guiding tours and experiences in the Archipelago Sea National Park and elsewhere in the Kimito Islands.

Skytent Ecocamp is an experiential and ecological nature tourism accommodation in the world’s biggest Archipelago (=group of islands). This is a low-threshold and high quality camping, glamping. Skytent Ecocamp is an entity, that includes everything a customer needs for luxury camping, and always a little extra.

During summer 2018, Skytent Ecocamps will be available FOUR campsites in the Kimito Islands:

1. Högsåra island: Sandvik's sheltered sandy beach, which is part of the Archipelago Sea National Park on the idyllic island of Högsåra.

2. Dalsbruk ironworks village: by the Stora Masugnträsk Lake in Dalsbruk, within walking distance of the Dalsbruk’s intimate and cosy village.

3. Söderlångvik Manor: Söderlångvik Manor has much to offer for a visitor and is well-known of it’s culture, art, happenings, apple garden, amazing nature and local food products. This is a great option for one, who wants to experience picturesque manor environment.

4. Kasnäs: Kasnäs island is a port to Archipelago Sea National Park. Kasnäs is a sailing, outdoor and archipelago hub, where you can make day trips to Archipelago or island hopping.

All are excellent destinations, with interesting nature and culture attractions, and with good and comprehensive services.

NaturEffect always takes care of the nature and the environment. We put 5% of every euro from Ecocamps to nature conservation. Conservation destinations are Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and The Finnish Nature League. For those who travelled to Finland by plane we even provide voluntary carbon offsetting.