Our goal is to be Finland's most quality and most environmental responsible nature tourism company in the fastest growing nature tourism destination, the Archipelago Sea. Experiential, meaningfulness and environmental responsibility are the values ​​of our company and the foundations of our operations.

NaturEffect always takes care of the nature and the environment. We put 5% of every euro from Ecocamps to nature conservation via non-govermental organisations. NaturEffect want's especially protect trees and forests and that's why our conservation destinations are Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation (Luonnonperintösäätiö in Finnish) and The Finnish Nature League (Luonto-Liitto). Additionally, Tentsile donates 18 new trees to be planted for each of the purchased Tentsile tents to prevent global deforestation.

NaturEffect is an environmentally responsible company whose goal is to carry out all its activities in an environmentally friendly manner and for the environment.

NaturEffect is a member of the environmental responsible Leave No Trace community. Leave No Trace encourages people to go hiking without leaving traces, that is, waste and natural consumption hiking.

NaturEffect encourages and instructs all its customers for sustainable nature tourism. In Skytent Ecocamps customers are guided to sustainable nature tourism and about the special features of local nature.

NaturEffect encourages all sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. There are several ways for air passengers to compensate for aviation emissions from air traffic. Here, you can compensate the emissions caused by flying to Friends of the Earth's carbon offsetting system.

NaturEffect supports local nature conservation work by providing facilities free of charge to local environment organisation.

NaturEffect works also for environmental education and training. We at NaturEffect believe that the fastest, most effective and most cost-effective way to control environmental change, is a high quality and comprehensive environment education.

NaturEffect recommends Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Sepo magnificent photo book Tree People, which you can buy from NaturEffect's online store. Here you will also find Kovalainen's Treasures of the Old Forest (Vanhan metsän aarteet in Finnish), which shows Kemiönsaari's most beautiful trees. Money from this book goes directly to the local nature association, Kemiönsaari nature organisation.